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General information on General Support Grants

For grants made out of the US, it is required that the program to populate the docket write-up fields (organization description, project description, and rationale for recommendation) before they put those grants in compliance review. The reason for this is that one comes across scenarios in which the write-up fields indicate earmarking (even when this isn’t mentioned in the proposal) and this is a problem from the IRS point of view.

Those fields should be populated and reviewed during compliance review to ensure that these are truly unrestricted general support grants. The project description can be something as simple as “to provide general support.” It just needs to be clear that funds aren’t being earmarked.



This whole article was written in the context of the re-referral process but it is not clear from the text. Therefore I would add a sentence at the beginning that explains it, something like this and would change the title
Title: General support grants that originate in European hub-offices
Under that as the first sentence: When a BP-based GO encounters a General support grant , the grant should be re-referred to NY as General support grants cannot be awarded from European entities. In addition to the usual compliance review checks the BP GO should make sure that the docket/grant write-up fields are populated (organization description, project description, and rationale for recommendation). The reason for this...the rest could be the same

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