Grant Agreement Signatories

Legal maintains a master list of the signatories for the various OSF entities.

The primary signatories for the most frequently used grant making entities are the following:

Foundation to Promote Open Society (FPOS): The Secretary of FPOS (currently GailAidinoff Scovell)

Open Society Institute(OSI): The Secretary of OSI (currently Gail Aidinoff Scovell)

Alliance for Open Society International (AOSI): One of the three AOSI Officers: Chris Stone (President), Maija Arbolino (Treasurer), A. Nicole Campbell (Secretary).

Open Society Institute-Baltimore [: For grants up to 250,000 USD, the Director of OSI-Baltimore (currently Diana Morris) can sign grant agreements with the prior approval of an AOSI Officer (see above). The grants officer should send any draft grant agreement up to 250,000 USD to an AOSI officer (typically the Secretary) for their review and approval before sending it to the OSI-Baltimore Director for signature. For OSI-Baltimore grants over 250,000 USD, an AOSI Officer must sign.

Open Society Policy Center: The Secretary of OSPC should sign all grant agreements forOSPC.

Foundation Open Society Institute: Up to and equal $200K Legal Counsel (currently Miklós Sándor), above $200K the Executive Director (currently Suzanne Wettenschwiler)of FOSI

OSI Assistance Foundation: Up to and equal $200K Legal Counsel (currently Zoltán Pankotai), above $200K the Executive Director ( currently Suzanne Wettenschwiler) of OSI AF

Open Society Institute Budapest Foundation: The Executive Director (currently KatalinKoncz)

Open Society Initiative for Europe: The Executive Director (currently Jordi Vaquer)

Open Society Foundation (London): currently in flux as a new legal entity is being created



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