Grants Management ManualChapter 13 - Special GrantsGrants to a UN Agency or Intergovernment Agency

Grants to a UN Agency or Intergovernment Agency

The United Nations and its affiliated funds, programs, and specialized agencies (World Health Organization, United Nations Development Fund, Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, etc.) generally demand that grants awarded to them must use their specialized template as a grant agreement. OSF has attempted to resist using these templates over the years (they have some terms that are unfavorable to OSF, like limitations on reporting requirements and audits) to no avail. If a program wants to make a grant to a branch of the UN, we must almost always use their template (sometimes a renegade staff person at the UN agency might sign a regular OSF grant letter, but this is not a good practice since the UN may later disavow the agreement as invalid). Grants to branches of the UN do not require Expenditure Responsibility, so, to date, there have been no terms in templates provided by the UN that OSF was legally unable to sign.


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