Multi-Year Contingent

Multi-year contingent grants allow a program to express intent to fund an organization or project/program for multiple years without fully committing the funds. Per Clarifications to Policy on "Multi-Year Support Using Contingent Grants" memo, this mechanism is favored for grants of 2 years duration or longer, where there are annual payment installments of at least $100k. If Program recommend a multi-year grant of these characteristics, but decides not to use the contingent mechanism, then reasoning for full accrual up front should be noted in the docket write-up.

Proposal Docs Required

Organization-wide strategy and budget projection/pipeline for # of years that multi-year grant is expected

Reports Required

Annual and/or Financial and Narrative reports in line with proposal

Conga Templates in FC

Insert contingent language paragraph after 1st paragraph of general and project support templates

Payment Set-Up in FC

Initial year payment(s) set up as standard, and subsequent year payments are set up as contingent


OR2015-19509 (for European Council on Foreign Relations)


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