Global Support Request

Because OSF runs a number of proprietary software applications, Information Systems and other staff are responsible for multiple systems. The Global Support Request system, also referred to as Zendesk, is a trouble ticket system that provides a means to keep track of and systematically address all technical issues identified by any staff members of OSF.

OSF staff should submit a trouble ticket whenever an issue involves system errors with existing functionality or when they wish to suggest a new feature. Tickets are triaged by GM staff and grouped based on their complexity, impact and urgency. New ideas are either channeled into regular releases or minor ones get implemented in between.

Foundation Connect specific issues or enhancement ideas to improve FC functionality should be logged in as a trouble ticket through the Global Support Request system.

For the Budapest office: [email protected]

For the New York office: [email protected].

For integration issues between Foundation Connect and Netsuite, grants management staff should log a trouble ticket through the Global Support Request system using this email: [email protected].

Foundation Connect related tickets are managed by Grants Management, Information Systems, and by external consultant partners.


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