Board Approvals for Grants

For Foundation to Promote Open Society (FPOS) grants: Grants of over two (2) million dollars require the affirmative vote (by email) of a majority of the FPOS Board before the grant letter can be drafted and signed.

Effective July 2019, please cc Jenny Paulk and Lenny Benardo on your FPOS board approval requests to Gail and Charis.

Note that before a FPOS board approval request is sent to Gail and Charis, we must have FC approvals from the executive office on the proposal record.

Also note that a FPOS board request email should contain information that includes the following:

  • Proposed grantee’s name, location and if available tax status
  • Proposed grant period
  • Proposed grant award
  • Anticipated grant payment schedule
  • Purpose of grant
  • Relevant proposal attachments (narrative, budget and/or copy of grant write-up)
  1. I’ve dropped a few examples of board request emails in this box folder: All Files GM NY Org team Folder MISC Board approval requests - sample emails

Finally, please also remember that we should check “FPOS review Indicator” for proposals that are greater than $2M and require board approval. Once the board request has been sent to Gail and Charis, then indicate the FPOS Review Status is “in progress.” Once Charis sends confirmation that the proposal has been board approved, then you update the FPOS Review Status to “approved” and also indicate the date on which you received the email confirmation. 


For Open Society Institute (OSI) grants: Grants of over two (2) million dollars require the affirmative vote of the full OSI Board (note: this is not the OSF “Global Board”) before the grant can be awarded. GM staff should contact the General Counsel’s office, who will coordinate the

For Alliance for Open Society International (AOSI) grants: All AOSI grants that are not OSI-Baltimore grants require approval from the AOSI Board.

For Open Society Institute-Baltimore grants:  The Director of OSI-Baltimore has grant approval authority for grants up to 250,000 USD. In practice, almost all OSI-Baltimore grants are approved by the OSI-Baltimore Board at their regular meetings. Once a copy of the signed agenda for the meeting is received by the Grants Officer, the grant can be manually approved in Foundation

For Open Society Policy Center (OSPC) grants: The OSPC board must unanimously approve (by email) any grant over 250,000 USD. Grants under that amount can be approved by the Director


Joe Behaylo

Some paragraphs are cut off mid-sentence.

How are board approvals handled in FC?

What about OSIEA approvals?

Other NRF approvals in FC (Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan)

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