Individual Grant Closure

Individual grants should be closed after all narrative and financial reports have been received, evaluated, and approved.

· All final reports for U.S.-funded project based individual grants need to be reviewed for lobbying before closing. U.S.-funded Home Country Project reports from Scholarships grantees should also be reviewed for lobbying. If there are financial reports, they need to be reviewed to ensure that the money was expended and used for the purpose of the grant

· After reviewing final reports for “pay as you go” grants, assess whether the grant has been overpaid or underpaid. Reverse or add-on accruals must be completed accordingly (see section on Accruals).

· If program staff requests that a grant be closed because the grantee has dropped out of the program, they must insert an explanation in the note section. A rescission letter must be drafted before closing the grant.

· If a report has been waived, an explanation must be provided.


Joe Behaylo

I think "rescission" mention should be replaced with "termination" to be consistent with org grant usage.

Regarding reports, clarify that minimum required reports cannot be waived. And specify what are minimums (or cross-reference to IG reporting chapter 7).

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