Grants Management ManualChapter 13 - Special GrantsGrants Using Outside ("Third-Party”) Funding

Grants Using Outside ("Third-Party”) Funding

OSF sometimes receives funding from third-party sources (not members of the Soros family) to beregranted.  AOSI is the only U.S. entity that can receive money from these sources outside the Sorosfamily.  The AOSI Board must approve any contribution or grant of outside funds before they arereceived. After accepting outside funds, the Accounting department must make special provisions totrack these funds. Regrants made with outside funds must be properly coded to ensure that they aredebited when the grant is awarded and paid. Some third-party grants (especially from governmental orintergovernmental sources) require special reporting back to the donor.  Some European entities canalso accept third-party funds.

If a program is interested in pursuing a third-party funding opportunity, the Director of Grants Management should be contacted as early as possible in the discussions to make sure all proper procedures are followed.


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