Entering the Record Into FC

Use the “Conference Grant” record type when entering one of these grants into Foundation Connect.The grant period should encompass the dates of the event; the grant period can be rounded out to amonth to put a “cushion” of time around the event. The grantee organization for conference grantshould be a “pseudo-organization”; these have been created for every OSF program with the programdirector as the authorized signatory. Grants Officers should create a new “pseudo-organization” for newprograms. The proposal name should be formatted: Conference Name/City/Year of the conference.There should be one payment line per vendor/payee. (Several invoices for the same vendor should begrouped together as one payment.) Attach all relevant invoices to the record. The grant letter should listall amounts and payments to each vendor fixed in the currency of the payment. In addition to listing thevendors, the participants at the conference should be listed along with the amounts going to eachparticipant. An OFAC check should be run on each participant.


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