Grant Approval Authority

In January 2014, OSF implemented a set of new policies and procedures for devolving grant-approval authority to program directors. This decision was intended to increase the agility of OSF grant making, allowing programs to approve grants more quickly. Further decentralization of grant approval authority below director level may be instituted more broadly. Guidance will come from the Office of the President and the GMSG.

As of this writing, designated OSF program directors can approve grants up to but not including one million dollars to any organization deemed eligible for OSF funding as long as OSF’s total contribution to the grantee does not exceed one-third of the grantee’s organizational budget in their most recently completed fiscal year (the “One-Third Threshold policy”). Grants in amounts of one million dollars or more, or for which recommended funding is greater than one-third of the annual expenditures, require the approval of the President of OSF.


Joe Behaylo

What is system control for 200k, 400k, 600k thresholds? How is it maintained at user level? Auditor assurance on this level of control being adequate (vs. any program-specific delegation).

Cross-reference delegated payment approval here?

COI approval handling?

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