Grants Management ManualChapter 13 - Special GrantsFlat Rate Reimbursement To Participants

Flat Rate Reimbursement To Participants

Calculate the best estimate for travel costs that will be incurred by the participants and pay them this estimated amount based on a grant letter. No additional money is paid and not excess money is returned if the real cost turns out to be higher or lower. You should only use this method when you are in a position to reasonably estimate the expenses associated with the conference participation. The Grants Officer’s justification of the rationale for using this method should be attached to the grant record.

Wire payments (including advance payments) can only be made once the conference grant letter is signed and the accrual is created

Make sure that all of invoices are issued to the proper grantor entity.

Payments other than on-the-spot purchases, especially those involving advance payments for vendors are based on a written mutual agreement between OSF and the Vendor, administered in Contract Online.


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