Inter-OSF Grants

Over the years a variety of different entities have been set up for various legal reasons. Most were private foundations which only made grants to other entities in the OSF network. Sometimes these entities needed to make grants to each other, or to OSI or FPOS, or, in rare cases, an outside grantee. The term for these grants used to be “Inter-New York” grants. These entities have a special classification code at the organization level so that grants to these entities can be excluded from certain management reports.

Most of the entities set up over the years have since been closed down, although Open Society Fund still exists. However, NY grants officers may still need to administer grants between OSI-NY, FPOS, SEDF, and the remaining entities. These grants are very simple, although, because they require Expenditure Responsibility and there is generally no program staff to assist in their management, they can be

As part of the US-sourcing efforts that OSF has been undertaking since 2011, the national and regional foundations, as well as OSI-Budapest and OSF-London, get a portion of their funding from grants from OSI or FPOS. These grants also require extra GO activity, but the Regional Director’s offices should handle the FC entry and there should be actual proposals and budgets, although grant amounts may need to be verified repeatedly with Budapest Finance staff and the Budget office. These grants should have real proposals and real reports, but extra handholding may be required to get them right and on a timely basis.


Deborah Wolfson

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