Organizational Eligibility

The process for determining whether an organization is eligible to receive OSF funding aims to separate the assessments that grant-making staff conduct on grantee organizations from the approval of a specific grant. Eligibility assessments focus on five parameters—financial health, governance, leadership and management, presence in the public sphere, and reputation for effectiveness. Complete guidelines to the eligibility assessment process, including how to handle special eligibility circumstances, can be found in the GMSG’s Eligibility Assessment Guidelinesdocument.

The approval of grants requires a valid eligibility status of “Eligible” or “Eligible with Special Scrutiny.” Exceptions are made for grants under 25,000 USD.

Program staff are expected to submit recommendations for eligibility to the Office of the President through Foundation Connect. As of June 2015, designated Program Directors can approve eligibility assessment renewals for organizations, unless an organization has an eligibility status of “Expired.”

To allow rapid response to crises and emergencies, a special Rapid Response protocol has been


Joe Behaylo

Need an update on current delegation for EAs and grant approval, referencing Also how delegation is being rolled out.

Need to complete rapid response entry, referencing Flag issue of tracking and reporting on RR.

Clarify any exceptions to following EA and approval policies (not OSIEA; not Scholarships/Fellowships.)

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