Terminating Grants

If the grant was accrued and the grant agreement counter-signed by a grantee, and then grantee and the program mutually agree to not continue with the grant project, a termination letter should be issued. If payment has been made on the grant, any remaining funding, or the full amount provided, canbe requested to be returned depending on the circumstance of the termination. A termination letter should be drafted, and sent to legal for signature

Grants may also be terminated at any time at the request of the grantee or the program before the scheduled grant term end date. Some of the reasons a program may wish to terminate are: non-compliance, inability to continue with project, change of an organization’s legal status, change in the grant’s project scope, etc. If a grantee or a program wishes to initiate the process of grant termination, an email request including the grantee name and grant number must be forwarded to grants management requesting that the grant be terminated and the reasons for termination. This request to terminate will be added to the grantee file, justify the grounds for termination, and form the basis for drafting the termination letter. If a grant is terminated due to special circumstances, the Grants Officer will draft letter and have it reviewed by the legal department before securing signature and mailing to the grantee.

This agreement should be countersigned by the grantee. Once the termination letter has been countersigned the grant record should be set to Grant Closed, Closed.


Joe Behaylo

Specify what "added to the grantee file" means -- is that an Org Note, Note on Proposal, ?

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