Conference Grants

In Budapest there is a unique type of grant called a Conference Grant, used when Budapest staff want to cover the expenses (accommodation, catering, travel and other conference-related expenses) for a small group of qualified individuals to attend conferences, trainings, or seminars. These grants are paid directly to the service providers or to the participants (individuals/grantee organizations) via wire transfer.

A conference grant must not involve consultant or OSF employee expenses; those should be paid using the normal procedures for consultants and employees.

If the event is organized by OSF, an event code might be required and the issuance of a so called “group letter” should be considered.

Sometimes multiple grant records must be created for the same conference to ensure that service providers and participants receive their funds in a timely manner.

Payments can be handled in a number of ways. Payments can be made in advance of the event, or as reimbursements.


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