Matching Gifts

The Matching Gift Program is a benefit for employees of OSI-NY, along with members of the Board of Trustees, members of the U.S. Programs Board, and members of the Investment Committee of the Board of Trustees. When eligible persons make charitable contributions to U.S. 501(c)(3) public charities that are not supporting organizations, OSI-NY will match the contribution with a payment (technically a general support grant) three times the amount of the initial donation by the eligible person. also an option for an eligible person to submit evidence of volunteer time performed for an eligible charity, and OSI-NY will match that time with a monetary contribution based on a formula. OSI-NY will only match donations of at least $50, and OSI will only pay out a maximum of $45,000 in matching gifts per year for any eligible employee or trustee (the maximum for members of the Investment Committee is $25,000). Although matching gifts are technically grants from the point of view of the IRS, because they are awarded based on employee giving and not through programmatic decision-making procedures (and the mission of the charitable organization does not need to be related to OSF’s mission, although OSF reserves the right not to honor a matching gift request from an employee for any reason), the charitable organizations who receive matching gifts are asked not to state that they have received a grant from OSF in their public communications. For a complete description of the program, as well as GM’s role in its administration, please see Appendix 15.


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