Performance Condition

Sometimes OSF will make a grants to organizations with all or some payments conditional upon the occurrence of an uncertain future event. For example, if a grantee proposed a 2-part project, where the grantee seeks to host a conference and then move forward any policy reform that is voted upon in the meeting - the condition that policy reform was voted upon in the meeting would be required for the program to fund in the second part of the grant. Alternatively, the condition(s) could be related to organizational health, such building annual reserves, which would require an annual review process. All conditions should be agreed upon and noted in the grant agreement. A performance condition grant may be multi-year.

Proposal Docs Required

Organization-wide strategy and budget

Reports Required

Annual and/or Financial and Narrative reports in line with proposal

Conga Templates in FC


Payment Set-Up in FC

All payments are set up as contingent, unless an initial outright payment is stated in grant agreement


OROR2016-27611 (for MDIF operating support)


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