Open Calls and Targeted E-Mails

GM encourages programs to direct applicants to the portal to apply for new grants. Before soliciting applications, programs must create a Competition Docket, which generates unique Inquiry and Proposal links for the application process. Program staff decide if an open call is for either a Concept Paper/Letter of Inquiry (LOI), or a full proposal; and if for organizations or for individuals. Calls can be open for a certain period of time until a predefined deadline or can be set up on a rolling basis for an indefinite time. Programs may have more than one open call going at once.

Program staff wishing to send an open call solicitation to specific applicants should send an email including the link from the open call competition record. While competition records are created on the docket page, they are open-call specific and not related to approval dockets.

When an application is submitted via the portal through these links, the submitted record is associated with the competition in FC. The proposal submitter and competition owner receive e-mail alerts. Open call responses (competition records) are managed by the individual who setup the open call.

Open calls are centrally posted on by Communications or, as described above, emailed directly to prospective grantees.

After applicants submit a short inquiry, OSF staff may either decline it or convert it to a full proposal. If declined, the applicant receives a formal email stating that the inquiry does not fit into any OSF program.

If a Program staff decide to accept an open call LOI, they will convert it to a selected FC record type, thereby creating a new organization, contact and proposal record in FC (unless the program staff person checks that the organization and contact already exist in FC). When converted to a proposal, the applicant receives an invitation to log into the portal and submit the full proposal. FC automatically fills in the information that was already supplied in the inquiry; the applicant is asked to provide more details and attachments so that a full assessment can be made.


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