Holding Payments

Payments are not issued on grants that have overdue or unapproved reports, or to grantees that have overdue reports on other grants. If there are unapproved (but received) reports on a grant that is for the same project as a grant with a pending payment, those reports should be approved before payment is released.

Before releasing payment, GM should check the FC notification bar which can be seen on the payment and on the proposal page of the organization record. It lists the overdue and unapproved reports from other grants. If there are overdue reports, the responsible program staff should be notified that the grantee has overdue reports and that those overdue reports are holding back payment on a new grant.

Exceptions to this rule include:

For grants to individuals, sometimes it is necessary to release payment to vendors when there are overdue reports on the grant record. If the overdue report is a transcript, which may not be available by the time payment is due, do not hold payment.

FC will alert you when there are overdue reports on other grants to the same grantee when you try to release payments to that grantee.


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