Baltimore Grants

Open Society Institute-Baltimore (OSI-Baltimore) is a field office for U.S. Programs. Its work focuses on “a single city and testing the effectiveness of place-based philanthropy strategy on some of the biggest challenges facing Baltimore and other urban centers in the United States.”

OSI-Baltimore functions as a U.S. Public Charity. The legal grant making entity is Alliance for Open Society International d/b/a Open Society Institute-Baltimore (AOSI). Grantee activities are restricted to charitable purposes, but as a public charity, OSI-Baltimore is able to fund some activities that OSF’s private foundation grantors are not, including lobbying and grants to individuals. Furthermore, OSI-Baltimore can fund organizations without IRS U.S. public charity status without imposing expenditure responsibility requirements.

The Board of Directors for AOSI is the governing body for OSI-Baltimore. However, all recommended grants are reviewed and approved by OSI-Baltimore’s local board. After a grant is approved by the local board of OSI-Baltimore, no further approval is required in order to issue grant agreements. Currently, there is no functionality for approving OSI-Baltimore grants through Foundation Connect, and proposal records are changed to a status of “Approved” by Grants Management upon receipt of the signed agenda of an OSI-Baltimore board meeting.

AOSI grant letters for grants under $250,000 are electronically signed by the Director of OSI-Baltimore. Grant letters for grants over $250,000 must be electronically signed by an officer of AOSI. OSI-Baltimore has its own grant letter template and letterhead.


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