OSF monitors the progress of work supported by grants through various forms of monitoring and evaluation. The goal of grants monitoring is to ensure that the project is conducted in substantive and budgetary compliance with the approved proposal and budget, IRS regulations (in case of U.S.-funded grants), and OSF standards and policies as described in the grant agreement.


Reporting requirements are specified in the grant agreement sent to the grantee upon award. There are different requirements depending on the funding source of the grant (US funded or non-US funded) and on the type of grant (general support or project; individual grant). Grantees are asked to refer to their grant agreement to understand requirements specific to their award.

Scheduling Reports

Report due dates are indicated in the grant agreement issued to the grantee. The frequency of grant narrative and financial interim reports varies and is affected by the type of grantee organization, type of grant awarded and the grant term. Reports may be scheduled for submission on a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis as determined by the awarding program, but the program must enter at least one set of final reports (both narrative and financial) for each grant in the Foundation Connect record.

Multi-year grant awards typically include at least one set of interim narrative and financial reports, as well as a set of final narrative and financial reports due 15-60 days following the conclusion of the grant term. Sometimes, especially in Budapest, a final report is scheduled before the end of the grant payment, and the final payment on the grant is paid as a reimbursement with the amount of the payment determined by the amount expended in the final financial report.

Grants officers should verify that program staff has entered the minimum required set of monitoring events in FC as per Reporting Requirement by Grant Type noted below.


Helga Nagy

type of support (list organizational and program support type) - refer to specific reporting requirements (GMSG -- Guide to grants)

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