Sensitive Grant Checkbox

Checking this box causes a grant to be invisible to other Foundation Connect users who are not assignedto the grant (with the exception of Administrators). Checking this box does not prevent a grant awardedby a U.S. entity from appearing on the publically available tax return, so its use for U.S. grants should bediscouraged (it will create the odd situation of grants being invisible to OSF staff through FC but visibleto the entire world on the internet). Use of this checkbox should, in general, be restricted to grants fromEuropean entities where there is a real security or other risk to the grantee from having informationabout the grant easily available to FC users. In cases of extreme risk, the data in FC should be kept to aminimum, since even a grant with the sensitive grant checkbox checked can be viewed by some FCusers, and, theoretically, by someone who has gained unauthorized access to FC.
Guidance for data governance (pop codes, subject area, strategic method, source of proposal)


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