Logging Proposals into FC

Program staff enters new grant applications into FC when they are received by e-mail, mail, etc.As a first step program staff needs to choose from the following record/proposal types: conference grant, individual proposal, matching gifts, org minimal proposal and OSF Fellowship.

Conference Grants

This is a record type used to fund participants at OSF conferences in Budapest. It is not used in New York and is being slowly phased out in Budapest (although these types of grants still exist).

Individual Proposal

This record type is for grants given to individuals in support of program-defined initiatives, primarily scholarships.

Matching Gifts

This record type is for the OSF contribution made in response to OSI employee and trustee donations to qualifying charitable organizations. This is only used in New York.

Org Minimal Proposal

This record type is for grants given to organizations in support of program-defined initiatives. Includes open calls for applications and direct solicitations to grantees.

OSF Fellowship

The record type for proposals submitted for the OSF Fellows program. A fellowship proposal is created and managed the same way that an organization proposal is, except for a few fields which are fellowship specific.


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