Compliance Issues

The below list is not a comprehensive list, but the most common issues. In order to make the referral process smoother and quicker, please ensure that the following items are checked before referring a grant for European funding:

Confirmation that there are no duplicates in FC (organization and contact duplicates)

Correspondence on the US sourcing review is part of the proposal’s Activity History

Budgets are bifurcated whenever necessary

When applicable, both lobby checklists are attached and only US staff is indicated on the Non-US funded checklist

Budgets are provided as Excel files

Math checks of the budget add up and budget figures are rounded to whole numbers – this is key because a budget table will be inserted to a Word file

AE supporting document is attached-

Please check bank accounts, especially account holder`s name and bank account numbers. If the bank information is submitted in the proposal, please verify the two data.

Burma payments are usually paid in EUR, please make sure that the correct corresponding bank is inserted to FC

If the Geo code shows only regions, but from the proposal it is clear that the project includes activity in a “politically sensitive” country, then attach a note explaining how the proposal was cleared with Legal and/or the relevant Working Group. If the proposal mentions Syria, Sudan, Iran, North Korea, or Cuba, then it needs to be cleared by Legal. If the proposal includes activity where OSF work is politically-sensitive like India and Russia, then it needs to be cleared with the relevant OSF working group. Examples: a proposal includes activity in Crimea (Ukraine), OR, the proposal includes activity in Russia or the involvement of a Russian citizen, but the Eurasia geo code is listed. In both scenarios, clearance from the “Russia Working Group” (#Russia Questions) would be necessary

A heads up to the BP GO for any complicated referral scenarios, which will require BP Legal review


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