Grants Management ManualChapter 8 - Organization Grant ReportingMisappropriation of Funds/Internal Audit Review

Misappropriation of Funds/Internal Audit Review

If a program has a concern regarding the misappropriation of funds, an audit of the grantee can be requested. This is done through the internal Audit Team located in Budapest.

OSF Protocol Regarding Suspicion of Fraudulent Activity, found on KARL, outlines the steps for reporting and investigating suspected fraud by OSF grantees, OSF grant seekers, or OSF service providers. As the protocol explains, fraud may take a variety of forms depending on the context of the individual or organization suspected of fraud and the nature of the beneficiary of the fraud. Bad practices and fraud are not the same thing; it is the intent that determines whether an action qualifies as fraud or simply bad practice. Because intent may be difficult to establish, it is important that grant makers are forthcoming and thorough in reporting any suspicions they may have. The Audit Department and the Office of the General Counsel will work with grant makers to investigate any allegations.

With questions relating to the protocol, please contact the OSF Audit Department or the Grant Making Support Group.


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