Grants Management ManualTypes of Contingent GrantsQuestions for review with Finance and Legal:

Questions for review with Finance and Legal:

1. Are there any additional conditional grants scenarios that aren't captured above?

2. Are the descriptions of the scenarios listed above accurate?

3. Is there a maximum on the # of years a contingent grant can be issued?

4. If a matching grants has annual caps on payments, would we need to reduce the grant amount/payments set up if the grantee hasn’t meet the full matching requirement at the end of the year?

5. What if a grantee doesn't meet all their performance conditions? Would we need to write an amendment to reduce the grant/payments?

6. What if the contingent payments scheduled at the beginning of the grant don’t end up totaling the actual payments required?

7. For matching grants where pledges are accepted, how long would OSF need to schedule reports to monitor payment on the pledges?

8. Does BP manage any contingent grants?

9. Does any special notation need to be made to Accounting for contingent payments?

10. When are contingent payments accrued?

11. How are contingent grants reported in financial statement? Accrued liabilities?

12. Are any supplemental approvals required in GM, Accounting, Budget, Pres office for contingency grants?

13. Can all types of organizations (ED, 501c, foreign, for profit, etc) receive contingent grants?

14. For Program, is there any special note that needs to be captured in the grant/docket write-up for contingent grants?

15. How do you record advance payments in a fully matching grant grant? As recoverable?


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