Drafting of Grant Agreement

Grant agreements are merged directly from Foundation Connect through the CongaMerge application. Based on the OSF funding source grantor and the type of the grant (general support, project support, Expenditure Responsibility), the appropriate template is chosen for the grant agreement. Grant amendment, grant rescission, and other types of grant correspondence are also merged via Foundation Connect. New templates can be added and existing templates can

If grants are funded from European entities (FOSI, OSIAF, OSI-BP, OSF-London) it is legally required to attach an approved budget to the grant agreement, as well as to include the grantee’s bank information in the agreement.

In Budapest, Grants Officers share the draft agreements with Programs. When the program’s edits are ready, Grants Officers review those edits and then send the documents for secondary Grants Officer review. BP Grants Officers tend to keep the all draft versions in FC. In special scenarios, Legal is involved in drafting the agreement

In NY, many grants officers only keep the final version of the agreement in FC. Some grants officers in NY share drafts with program staff; others do not, based on the preferences of programs. Again, in special scenarios, Legal is involved in drafting the agreement.

Grants originating in New York but deemed unsuitable for US funding may be referred to European colleagues with a proposal for funding. In cases where a grant is accepted for funding by European colleagues, a grants officer in Budapest assumes all grant administration tasks and responsibilities.



1) The end of the first paragraph is unfinished, the end of the sentence is missing.
2) "BP Grants Officers tend to keep the all draft versions in FC." should be corrected to BP Grants Officers tend to keep all draft versions in FC.
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