Grants Management ManualWorkflow Grantmaking ProcessFunctional Workflow Diagram of the Grantmaking Process

Functional Workflow Diagram of the Grantmaking Process

Functional Workflow Diagram of the Grantmaking Process at Open Society Foundations

Prepared by Office of Grants Management

Working Draft, 3/25/16

A functional workflow, also called a “swimlane chart”, depicts a complex process involving multiple organizational “functions” or departments. It uses different shapes to depict different types of action (see the legend on the following pages).

This functional workflow represents the process at OSF of making grants to organizations. Perhaps 80% of this diagram is equally representative of how individual grantmaking is conducted at OSF. It is a high-level overview of procedures applicable to all OSF grantmakers and does not capture program-specific nuances.

This document has been prepared to promote awareness of the roles of various OSF departments in grantmaking and understanding of how we work together. Functions represented include Applicant/Grantee, Program, Grants Management, Approver, Legal, and Finance. It has been developed through multiple iterations, in consultation with representatives of each function.

The process is depicted chronologically across eight pages, broken down into the following action stages: Solicit and Assess Proposals, Conduct Compliance Review, Recommend and Approve Grant, Prepare Grant Letter, Execute Grant Letter, Initiate Payment, Issue Payment, Monitor and Close Grant. Stages in the grant process that are procedurally complex are depicted in greater detail. This detail is not an indication of the level of effort or complexity of a particular process stage.

The diagram also identifies current and proposed metrics in Foundation Connect recorded at the grant-level to track the amount of time involved in completing various process stages. Metrics are also proposed to track the frequency of certain events in the processing of grants.

With this shared understanding of the current OSF process and real-time awareness of these FC metrics, the intention is to begin identifying ways to streamline procedures, identify and remove bottlenecks, and improve coordination across departments. These efforts can result in consistent and reliable service to applicants and grantees and less staff effort spent on grant administration.

This is intended as a living document, subject to edits based on feedback from OSF staff and updates as our process evolves over time. Please contact me with any comments, concerns, or suggestions.

Joe BehayloDirector, Office of Grants Management

Solicit and Assess Proposals

Conduct Compliance Review

Recommend and Approve Grant

Prepare Grant Letter

Execute Grant Letter

Initiate Payment

Issue Payment

Monitor and Close Grant


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