Grants Management ManualChapter 5 - Grant LettersGrant Agreement/Grant Letter Processing

Grant Agreement/Grant Letter Processing

The grant agreement is a legally binding agreement between an OSF grantor entity and an individual or organizational grantee. In New York, the grant agreement is frequently called a “grant letter”, while in Budapest, the term “grant letter” is used for a unilateral agreement sent to grantees that does not need to be countersigned by the grantee. The grant agreement/letter states the terms and conditions of award, the award requirements, and the payment and reporting schedules.

Although from a legal standpoint a grant is not considered awarded until a grant agreement is issued, program staff often notify a grantee of award after internal OSF approval. Program staff should be discouraged from this practice, as it is possible, although rare, that a grant will be stopped by Legal or Senior Management before the grant agreement is signed and sent to the grantee, even after it has been approved.



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