Travel Grants (in the U.S.)

The Travel Grant program is an individual grant program designed to allow United States staff to send qualified outside individuals (or small groups of individuals) to conferences, trainings, seminars, or academic colloquia. The Travel Grant program was set up in response to programs wanting to pay for these types of expenses without realizing that, under the U.S. private foundation rules, these expenses qualified as grants to individuals and were therefore not permitted under the tax code. The program and the applicant (or applicants) need to prepare an application which is then sent to the Travel Grant Committee for approval. The Travel Grant Program requires that the grantees be determined to be uniquely qualified to participate in the event, so the number of grantees that can attend the same conference is limited to three.

Note that, if the outside individual is performing a service for OSF by attending the conference or seminar, this should be considered a program expense and not a Travel Grant. The Travel Grant Program is designed for events that benefit the outside individual. The travel grant program is described in Appendix 14.

In Europe, the term “Travel Grant” refers to an individual grant for the purpose of travel to an event. These grants in Europe do not require these special procedures if funded from non-U.S. sources.


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