Bank Related Issues

Grantees are required to provide bank information for wire transfer of grant funds. The grantee should provide:

Name of bank

Bank address

Branch name (if available)

Account number (IBAN if the grantee bank is in an IBAN country)

ABA routing number (if the grantee is in the US and the payment is coming from OSI or FPOS)

SWIFT code if the transfer is international (FPOS/OSI grants to foreign organizations and all FOSI/OSIAF grants)

Beneficiary name – the name in which the account is registered (usually the organization name), not the name of individuals associated with the account

Most international transfers require an intermediary or corresponding bank, which is a bank (usually in the U.S. if the transfer is in U.S. dollars) through which the funds will be routed to the beneficiary’s bank.

Grantees can enter their bank information through the Portal.

Program staff will occasionally enter new banking information when entering the payment. GM should review bank information during Compliance Review, before accrual of the grant and releasing payments to the grantee.

Bank account validation:

Check bank name, branch, SWIFT code, IBAN number and/or account number, beneficiary name and bank address fields, also correspondent bank details if needed

SWIFT validator can be found here:

IBAN validator can be found here:


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