Budapest Process

Grants officers send grant agreements via DocuSign when possible, automatically triggering the grant accrual when the agreement is signed by the OSF representative. Grant agreements sent via email or paper by program staff require the Grants Assistant to undertake a manual process (the “dummy” DocuSign envelope) in which a document is sent through DocuSign to be “signed” by the Grants Assistant (with no routing for countersignature) to trigger the accrual.

When a countersigned grant agreement is received (via DocuSign or otherwise), program staff must request the first payment on the grant. Budapest Finance requires a paper payment request as well as a paper copy of the executed grant agreement, so program staff must print these out as well and bring them directly to Budapest Finance. (The exception here is grants that have been referred to Budapest from New York that are managed by U.S.-based program staff; in those cases Budapest grants officers initiate the first payment). Since grant agreements produced in Budapest contain bank information, any discrepancy between the bank information in the grant agreement and the bank information in the payment request must be explained to Finance. Subsequent payments are released upon request from the program staff in FC typically after the reporting requirements are completed.


Joe Behaylo

Cross-reference to grant letter section, chapter 5.

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