All proposal records, except non-U.S. sourced travel grants under $5000 and conference grant proposals, must have a final report record. For project and fellowship grants, the final reporting requirements include a narrative and financial final report. For general support grants, the grantee should submit an annual report at the conclusion of the grant. For scholarships grants, an annual official transcript is required. Program staff should review the grantee report record types chart when creating a report record to ensure that the appropriate record type is selected.

It is at the discretion of the program funding the grant as to whether or not they would like to request multiple reports over the lifetime of a grant. For project grants, programs may ask for narrative and financial interim reports at a certain point during the grant – most often at the mid-point of the grant period.

ER grants issued by the NY entities must include an Expenditure Responsibility type grantee report record due on March 31st of each year during the grant term and a final Expenditure Responsibility type report after the conclusion of the grant. Should the program staff not include these reports, Grants Officers should add these report records to the proposal record and notify program staff that they have done so. When an ER grant is prepared in BP, GO shall make sure that there is a Progress Report in place each year before March 31st or an additional Annual report record should be inserted.

 GOs in NY should create the grantee report record types used by GO in Budapest for grant records that are referred to OSI BP.


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