Matching Condition

Occasionally OSF will make a grant to encourage a grantee organization to broaden its base of support by requiring that the grantee match all or a part of the OSF's grant. The grantee is required to match funds at a fixed rate (e.g., for a 1:1 grant of $50,000, the grantee must raise $50,000. OSF may award a 1 to 2 contingency (1:2), meaning that for a grant of $50,000, the grantee must raise $100,000. Occasionally, a 1:3 or 1:4 match may be used. A matching award must be satisfied with cash, pledges, and sometimes in-kind assets. A matching grant can be multi-year and there may be annual caps on matching amounts for each year.

Proposal Docs Required

Organization-wide strategy and budget

Reports Required

Annual and/or Financial and Narrative reports in line with proposal

Conga Templates in FC

Insert matching condition paragraph in and after the 1st paragraph and also with Exhibit A: Form of Certificate

Payment Set-Up in FC

All payments are set up as contingent, unless initial advance is stated in grant agreement. An advance payment for a fully matching grant, would be considered "recoverable" until it's matched


OR2015-25030 (for UConn endowment); OR2014-14185 (for Innocence project reserve); OR2014-13523 (for Sundance Institute); OR2016-28655 for AFAC


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