Please note that the entire amendment process is currently being revised.

Grantees can request an extension to any current grant, asking for more time to implement their projects, or to spend down funds that remain at the end of the grant period. Grantees should request their amendment via email to their program counterpart. The program staff should confirm the revised grant term and approve their amendment via email.

Program staff should create an amendment report in FC, outlining the new grant end date and report schedule. The email exchange with the grantee should be added to the record and approved by a program officer or higher, and then submitted to Grants Management for their approval.

If an extension is for three months or less, no formal letter will be sent by Grants Management, the email exchange between the grantee and a senior program staff member will be all that is required. If the grant extension is for greater than three months, an amendment will be sent from Grants Management to the grantee for signature. If a grantee requires an amendment for its own legal reasons, Grants Management can produce a formal letter even for extensions under three months. For Expenditure Responsibility grants, it is best to produce an amendment letter for all but the most minor modifications.


Joe Behaylo

Need to explain no-cost extension handling.

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