Open Society Foundations, An Introduction

The Open Society Foundations (OSF) are a family of offices and foundations created by philanthropist George Soros. OSF consists of a number of different legal entities, including

  • United States-based private operating foundation Open Society Institute (OSI),
  • U.S. private foundation Foundation to Promote Open Society (FPOS),
  • Zug, Switzerland-based Foundation Open Society Institute (FOSI, or OSI-Zug),
  • Liechtenstein-based OSI Assistance Foundation (OSI-AF),
  • Budapest-based Open Society Institute Budapest (OSI-BP),
  • U.S.-based public charity Alliance for Open Society International (AOSI),
  • and various national and regional foundations that operate in a variety of different countries.


Krisztina Vlasits

I think this article is good enough so we could delete the previous article. Maybe add here the suggested links.

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