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Payment Request is rejected or On Hold (copied)


A Payment Request can be Rejected by the Payment Recommender, Integration or Finance. Additionally, a Payment Request can be placed on hold by Integration when Finance rejects a Vendor Request.

Payment Recommender Rejected

When the Payment Request is rejected by the Payment Recommender, its Status changes to Rejected by Payment Approver.

Ask the Payment Recommender what changes are due, and Submit for Approval after they are made.

Integration Rejected

The Payment Request is automatically Rejected by Integration due to a wrong Account or Analysis code.

The error message will be showing in the Messages section. Upon clearing the error message Submit for Approval. For any help, contact the Finance Department related to the paying Entity (i.e. NY, Berlin, London, Barcelona etc.)

Accounting Rejected

When Finance rejects the Payment Request, its Status will change to Rejected by Accounting

Finance will review the Payment Request in NS and will reject it if any missing or incorrect information.

If you haven't received any instructions from Finance with the amendment(s) required, contact Finance for more information.

Vendor Request rejected

Finance will review any newly created / modifications incurred to Organizations, and if there is missing or incorrect information, will reject it. Once a Vendor Request for a new / modification to an existing Organization is rejected, the Payment Request related to that Organization will be automatically placed On Hold

Follow the link in the Messages section, amend / add the information as requested in the Payee VR Rejection Reason, then click on Release Request On Hold to release the Payment Request back into the flow.

If you have any questions regarding the instructions provided to you, contact the Finance Department of the Paying Entity (i.e. London, NY, Berlin, Barcelona etc)


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