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Cx:  Understanding Payment Request Statuses (copied)


This Section explains what happens to the Payment Request at each Status and whose action is required at each Stage.

You will receive an automatically generated email informing you when your Payment Request advances to a new stage in the process.

Payment Status
What does it mean?
Default Status when a Payment Request is created. A Scheduled Payment Request means it was created but it hasn't been Submitted for Approval.
Submitted for Approval
Payment Request has been Submitted and is awaiting the Payment Recommender's approval.
Approved by Payment Approver
Payment Request has been approved by the Payment Recommender and it's waiting for Integration to push it into NetSuite.
Rejected by Payment Approver
Payment Request has been rejected by Payment Recommender, and it's returned to Business Owner.
Rejected by Integration
Payment Request is automatically rejected by Integration possibly due to a wrong Accounting or Analysis code, and it's returned to Business Owner.
Pending Accounting Approval
Payment Request has been Integrated into NetSuite and is pending approval from Finance.
Accounting Approved
Payment Request has been approved by Finance and will be processed for payment.
Rejected by Accounting

Payment Request has been rejected by Finance, and it's returned to the Business Owner for amendment(s).

Payment has been made to the Payee and Finance has set the Status of the Payment Request to Paid.
Paid and Reconciled

Finance has reconciled the payment with bank statements. This status is typically used for refunds.

Void Payment made to the Payee is returned to OSF's bank account. Finance voids the payment in NetSuite and contacts the business owner to give more information on the issue.
Void Fixed Business Owner corrected the payment data after it was set to Void.
Cancelled Payment Request is no longer needed for processing and it's cancelled by the Business Owner.


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