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Cx: Entering Event Codes in a Payment Request (copied)


Is your program using Event Codes to track certain grant expenses? Do you have a Reserve Fund request and you have to enter an Event Code so that expenses can be tracked?

This article walks through the steps of adding event codes to grant payments. Please note that payments must already be created (see Setting up payments) in order to add an event code.

Also, be sure to add Event Codes to each grant payment BEFORE you send the proposal to your grants officer for review.

Choose the desired Event Code.

Click Save.

Review the changes you have made to the payment.

From here, click on the Event Code to see all of the payments that have been associated with it.

Event codes are applied to entire amount of the payment. If the payment is split among different contributing program codes and/or categories of work, the event code will not be allocated proportionately. 

For example, a grant co-funded by Human Rights Initiative (contributing 60%) and Latin America Program (contributing 40% has a payment scheduled for $100.  If an event code is assigned to the payment, all $100 gets assigned to that one event code, regardless of the program code allocations. 

To add the event code for the ENTIRE grant amount, you must repeat this procedure for EACH PAYMENT that is associated with the grant.


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