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1. Agreement Summary

Updated Jan 13, 2021

Agreement Title: This is the project title, not simply the name of the Consultant or Vendor.

Try a three to five word summary of what the contract is about.

OSF Contracting Entity: OSF entity with which the contractor will enter into a legal relationship.

Select the most appropriate OSF entity from this list.

Project Description: Provide a brief description of the project.

Specialty Code: These trigger the appropriate Administrative Department reviews and help with running reports.

You can find the Specialty Code definitions in this page.

Related Event (Docket): If this record for goods or services is related to an event, you can connect related records through a Docket.

See how to create a Docket here.

Mandatory Event Code: Check this box if the Event Code should be required to make payments.

Sensitivity: If the project contains sensitive information, select Sensitive so that the record is only visible to you, some Legal staff, the CFO, and the President.   

You can later make the record visible to others by using the Share Agreement button.

Program Directors only have access to the sensitive records of their respective programs. Accounting staff only have access to the sensitive records of the entities they support.

Authorizing Board Resolution Number: [NEED TEXT]

Original Contract on File?: Check this box if there is a hard copy of the original contract on file. [DELETE? NEEDED?]

Third Party Equipment on OSF Premises: [NEED TEXT. DELETE?]

3rd Party Funding: Select the relevant Donor code if the project will be funded with non-OSF funds. [NEED THIS? DELETE?]


Eligible for U.S. Sourcing: Check this box to allow funds from the Fund to Promote Open Societies (FPOS) to be used for Open Society Foundation London (OSFL) agreements.

Only relevant for contracts with OSFL as OSF Contracting Entity. You can find a further explanation of Eligible for U.S. Sourcing here.

Related Grant: Select here any OSF grants that are related to this contract. [DELETE?]

In-Kind Grant Required?: Check this box if part of the engagement will benefit a non-OSF party in a non-reciprocal way. [EXPLAIN BETTER?]

Communications Project Brief: If you have answered a questionnaire to get this work approved, copy here the hyperlink. [DELETE?]

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