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Difference between Foundation Connect (Salesforce) vs. Einstein

Updated Dec 09, 2020

Managing grant proposals, payments, grantee reports, EAs and docket submissions

Action Which system? Why?
Submitting a proposal, EA, grantee report, payment, docket writeup, or docket for approval
Foundation Connect
Foundation Connect is where all grant making information is entered. It is also the system where records are submitted for approval. Information is not entered or submitted in Einstein Analytics.
Checking the status of submitted proposals, EAs, grantee report, payment, docket writeup, or docket for approval
Foundation Connect
The Foundation Connect data is updated instantly once a record is approved. Use Foundation Connect if you need real-time information about a submission. If you have interest in broader reports on the status of multiple submissions, Einstein Analytics may also be useful.

Downloading or sharing charts, data sets and reports

Action Which system? Why?
Sharing a link to a report with a large audience across Program/OSF
Foundation Connect Foundation Connect access is given to most staff at OSF, while Einstein Analytics access is more limited. If the report will be shared widely, using Foundation Connect will ensure that all recipients have access to view the report.
Preparing graphs and visuals for reports or presentations
Einstein There are a wide range of graphs and visuals that can be used in both FC and Einstein. However, Einstein provides a wider range of visualizations, including geographic heat maps. Visualizations and charts can be exported from Einstein Analytics as image files which are ready to include in reports or presentations.

Grant Portfolio Management

Action Which system? Why?
Entering an Organizational Note, Adding Topics Foundation Connect
Data cannot be entered into Einstein Analytics, so it cannot be used to update grant records, topics, Org Notes, EAs, etc.
Viewing approval pipelines for proposals, grantee reports, payments, etc.
Einstein Analytics
The pipeline data in Einstein Analytics has been formatted to be easier to analyze, especially when reporting on multiple submissions. It is also consolidates multiple pipelines (proposals, grantee reports, etc) into a single dashboard.
Viewing team workloads for grants, Eligibility Assessments, etc.
Einstein Analytics
Einstein Analytics dashboards pull data from across the grant making process. Consolidating this information in one place can provide quick insights into how to address any delays or bottlenecks in approval queues.
Keeping track of scheduled and overdue grantee reports and payments
Einstein Analytics or Foundation Connect
Either system can be used to keep track of grantee reports or payments which are overdue. However, Einstein Analytics provides more robust abilities to quickly analyze scheduled and overdue payments and grantee reports, especially across a portfolio or Program. This includes being able to filter for a portfolio depending on how each program structures their portfolios – whether that is be Category of Work/Approach, proposal topics, or program pillar.
Accessing proposal and grantee report attachments
Foundation Connect
Proposal and grantee reports attachments (such as budgets, final proposals, and grantee reports) are not in Einstein Analytics. You can only access these files through Foundation Connect.
Reviewing narrative information (proposal recommendations, Eligibility Assessments, Org Notes)
Foundation Connect
Einstein Analytics has limited functionality in viewing large amounts of text data. As such, it is generally easier to read narrative information included in proposals, Org Notes, EAs, grantee reports in Foundation Connect.

Reporting on Specific Indicators

Action Which system? Why?
Static reports on basic data points (number of grants, total funding, Org Notes, etc.)
Foundation Connect
Basic indicators can be reported on in either system. However, if the need is to produce a quick static report on a simple data points, it may be easiest to do so in Foundation Connect. Foundation Connect reports will also save any filters when they are shared, ensuring that the recipients are all viewing the same data. Lastly, there are more staff in OSF with training in building reports, which may make it easier to build custom reports that can be shared widely.
Dynamic reports on basic data points (number of grants, total funding, etc.)
Einstein Analytics
When you require a dynamic report for use during a meeting or presentation, Einstein Analytics can provide an easier way to dive into data or change data groupings. Einstein Analytics is generally faster and allows for quick filter and visualization changes.
Reports on complex data points
Foundation Connect or Einstein Analytics
Depending on familiarity with either system, both can be used to report on more complex calculations or reports. See the quick reference guide to understand which data can be accessed in each tool.

Using other Data Sources (Adaptive, NetSuite, Cx, etc.)

Action Which system? Why?
Tracking budgeted, accrued, and committed funding
Einstein Analytics Foundation Connect does not have data from Adaptive and NetSuite, so Einstein Analytics must be used for this reporting.
Tracking remaining and expended Budget Allocation amounts
Einstein Analytics
Budget allocation data does not exist in Foundation Connect, and must be reported on in Einstein Analytics.
Uploading other data external to OSF systems
Einstein Analytics
It is possible for an advanced Einstein user to be able to upload their own external data set, so long as it is available in a structured and consistent Excel or CSV file format.
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