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What are the features of each Einstein dashboard?

Updated Dec 09, 2020

Grant Making Analysis

This is the most basic dashboard for analyzing grant making over time, and often serves as the starting point for questions on specific aspects of your program’s grant making.

Based on your filter selections, the main "widgets" on this dashboard visualizes grant making data by:

  1. Number of grants and amount approved
  2. Grant Type (determined based on "Proposal Record Type"
  3. Type of Support
  4. Category of Work
  5. Geography
  6. Eligibility at Approval of Grantees
  7. 1/3rd Threshold at Approval of Grantees

Grant Making Comparison

This dashboards presents much of the same information as the Grant Making Analysis dashboard, but allows making easy comparisons with the data. For example, you could use this dashboard to compare your program’s grant making between current or previous years, between specific portfolios, Recommenders, Proposal Owners, Geographies, Categories of Work, Topics, etc. 

This dashboard also has toggles (the dashboard screenshot has "Region" selected above) that allow you to easily change the way the data is viewed or grouped. For example, you can view the total number of grants given to grantees of a certain Annual Expenditure size, Grant Term or Amount, type of support, co-funding composition, One-Third Threshold grants or EA statuses at approval. 

Organization/Individual Grantee Profile

The grantee profile dashboards provide a holistic "picture" of a specific grantee and includes a range of information that serves as a good starting point in preparation for a site visit or to address specific questions about current or prospective grantees. The dashboard pulls information from different parts of Foundation Connect, including Eligibility Assessments, Organizational Notes, and past grants found on the grantee's organization/contact records. 

Portfolio Management

This dashboard provides an overview of the grants (proposals), grantee reports, and grant payments associated with a portfolio of grants. The dashboard is also designed to provide flexibility in how each program defines or identifies a portfolio in Foundation Connect, whether that is by using Categories of Work, Proposal Topics, or the name of a Recommender(s), Level 2 or 3 Program.

The "Portfolio Overview" captures a snapshot of all active grants within a portfolio and how many grants/proposals are in the pre-approval pipeline. The "Pipeline Snapshot by Stage" chart captures what stage in the approval process a portfolio's grant proposals, grantee reports and grant payments are (e.g. whether a grantee report or payment has been submitted for approval vs. overdue), as well as allowing users to switch the unit of analysis based on which of the 3 toggle buttons are selected. It is accompanied by a "Pipeline Details" table which capture the specifics of actual grants, grantee reports or payments being associated with the portfolio. There is also a chart captured the various Eligibility statuses of grantees within the portfolio and when each is due to expire.

Budget Dashboard

This dashboard provides an overview of a program/department's budget, spending, and budget allocations across OSF (except Personnel Expenses) within a particular fiscal year. This is the only dashboard which allows viewing budget allocation information alongside grant making, budget and payment data.

The dashboard provides an overview of your remaining budget less what has been accrued as well as "committed" (i.e. somewhere in the pipeline) but not yet approved and accrued.

Just like other dashboards, you can use the toggles to change how the information is displayed based on budget groups, budget codes, geographies, Categories of Work, Level 1, 2 and 3. 

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