Grantee Portal Managing open grantsHow do I request a grant amendment or a no-cost extension?

How do I request a grant amendment or a no-cost extension?

On March 27 we signed A Call to Action: Philanthropy’s Commitment during COVID-19 and the European Philanthropy Statement on COVID-19 to act with urgency to support our grantees, as well as the people and communities hit hardest. The commitments we have made include loosening restrictions on current grants where possible; making new grants as unrestricted as possible; reducing what we ask of grantees; and learning from these emergency practices so we may consider adjusting our practices more fundamentally in the future.

In keeping with this commitment, we encourage current OSF grantees whose work is being impacted to request grant amendments enabling them to adapt their work and plans to this evolving situation.

Do you need more time to complete grant activities? Would you like to request a budget modification?

This article outlines the steps to request an amendment to your awarded grant.

Please note that you can not request an amendment if the grant end date has already passed. If the grant term has completed, but you still need more time, please reach out to your program staff contact.

From the Proposals/Grants tab, click the Amend icon next to the grant you would like to amend.

Click Ok.

An amendment record will open. Current grant details are displayed at the top of the record:

If you are requesting a no-cost extension, enter the proposed end date, proposed final report due dates, and a narrative justification for the extension.
If you are requesting another type of amendment, choose the value from the list and enter a brief description of the request.

Attach any supporting documentation. Click save.

Review the request. Click submit.

Click Submit

You may see confusing text on this screen - it will not affect your ability to submit the amendment for review. Please be sure to click submit after you are satisfied with the information you have uploaded in the previous step.

Click OK to confirm.