Grantee Communities Portal Technical HelpAdding new contacts (copied)

Adding new contacts (copied)

Do you need to invite someone at your organization to collaborate with you on an open grant application?

Follow these steps to send an invitation to access an open (not yet submitted) grant application.

The process to invite team members takes up to 2 business days to process. An invited team member will not have instant access to edit the proposal.

If the application deadline is within 2 days, please submit the application while the invitation is pending.

On the application record, click the Contact Roles/Team Member tab. Click the Invite New Members button.

Enter the name and email address for the new team member. Click Save.

New team member

You must enter a unique email address for each invited team member.

After you enter data for invited team members, their names will display on the Pending Invited Team Members list.

The invited team member will receive three (3) messages as part of the verification process.

1. The first message is a collaboration invitation message.

2. After the invited team member's account has been approved, a second message with our data protection consent statement will be sent.

3. The third message invites the team member to set a password. Click the link to set your password.

Please allow up to 2 business days to receive the link to set your password.

To ensure the security of your portal account, the link in this message expires in 24 hours.

If the link in your message is no longer valid, please reply to