Using your Grantee Dashboard

This section is about viewing and understanding the different columns of your open items

Open Items

Object Description
Edit Click the "edit page" button to view and edit details of the related record
View Click the "magnifying glass" button to view details of the related record
ID Number The assigned identification number for your record. Be sure to include it when you are requesting technical support or emailing questions to staff
Project Name The name of the particular record
Type The type of record you are looking at; Proposal, LOI, Grantee Report, for example
Status The status that the related record in. Submitted, In Progress, Declined, for example
Last Modified Date The date that the record was last modified by either internal staff or you as a portal user

If you think you should have access to a current grant or in progress application but it does not appear on your dashboard, please email [email protected] for support.