What is your Grantee Dashboard

This section is about understanding the different parts of the Grantee Dashboard for your Portal user account, and how to navigate between your different records. To begin, please log in to your portal account here.

Dashboard Layout

Your dashboard is the main portal page that you see once you've logged in. If you are a new user, your portal will look like this:

Object Description
My Submissions Refreshes the Portal Dashboard or navigates you there if you are not currently on the dashboard screen
Profile Used to view and update information related to your Organization, Contact, or Bank. You can learn more about it here
Logout Allows you to logout of your portal account
Open Items List of any current grants or applications that you have access to as well as any associated Grantee Reports for those records
History List of any closed or declined grants or applications that you have access to

If you think you should have access to a current grant or in progress application but it does not appear on your dashboard, please email [email protected] for support.