Adding or updating your Bank information

This section will guide you through updating the Bank information on the Profile of your Grantee Portal account. Begin by logging in to your Grantee Portal account here.

Getting Started

Ensure you are on the "Organization" tab

Bank information is stored on the bottom of the Organization tab. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find a list of all the bank account records associated with your Organization

Adding a new Bank Account
Click "New"

To begin creating a new Bank Account record, click the "New" button on the Bank Account list

Enter Bank Information

Fields with a red bar are required for record creation

Enter your bank information in the correct fields, and ensure you click the "Bank account is valid" checkbox

SWIFT/BIC Number is required information when transfering money through an international wire. While most banks do have a SWIFT code, it is possible that your US bank does not. After confrim with your bank, please email [email protected] so we can help you with a workaround.

Enter Bank Address

Please provide the entire legal address of your bank, including the country.

Corresponding Bank Information

If your bank has corresponding bank information in order to provide services in your area, please provide it here.

Save your information

Click "Save" when you are done entering your Bank information. Click "Cancel" to cancel the creation of a bank record

Updating an existing Bank Account

In order to avoid data inconsistencies with your bank information, we ask you to not update your Bank Accounts through the portal. Instead please reach out to the internal staff contact identified in your grant agreement, or please email [email protected]